Our Team


Image of Dr. Keri Harris

Keri Harris, MD

Health Commissioner & Medical Director
Image of Shermaine Hutchins

Shermaine Hutchins, MPH

Deputy Health Commissioner

Clinical Services

Image of Anna Gibson

Anna Gibson, RN

Director of Nursing

Wendy Pauly, BA

Help Me Grow Supervisor
Image of Elizabeth Bower

Elizabeth Bower, RN

Public Health Nurse

Kelsei Carter, RN

Public Health Nurse
Image of Rhiannon Coppler

Rhiannon Coppler, RN

Public Health Nurse
Image of Tonya Tracy, RN

Tonya Tracy, RN

Public Health Nurse

Environmental Health

Image of Jeff Ritchey

Jeff Ritchey, BS, REHS

Director of Environmental Health
Image of Molly Owens

Molly Owens, BS, REHSIT

Image of Danielle Schalk

Danielle Schalk, BS, REHS


Vital Statistics

Image of Kelli Owens

Kelli Owens

Image of Hanna Fox

Hanna Fox

Deputy Registrar


Krystina Auble, RD, LD

Director of WIC
Image of Jodi Kimmel

Jodi Kimmel

 WIC Clerk
Image of Erin Logsdon

Erin Logsdon

 Breast Feeding Peer Helper

Support Staff

Alida Davidson

 Billing Specialist/ Public Health Clerk
Image of Callan Pugh

Callan Pugh, BA

Public Health Educator
Image of Michelle Swinehart

Michelle Swinehart

Billing Specialist/ Public Health Clerk